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Diverse configuration options

Flexible integration and miniaturization of the application are the objectives of the new LIK series

  • Highly compact and configurable scanning unit
  • 20 µm grating period and measuring steps down to 78.125 nm 
  • New three-field scanning technology with improved signal quality
  • No phase and offset errors
  • Interfaces: 1 VPP , TTL, or RS-422
  • Very low power consumption and heat accumulation
  • Interpolated TTL signals from scanning module without additional electronics
  • Electronic adjustment capability after mounting to reduce static mounting errors, and an improved ADJUSTMENT TOOL connection
  • Signal adjustment possible with PWT 101 from HEIDENHAIN
Make your ideas come true

High number of variants due to modular design and individually adaptable components

Save space

Considerable space savings for integration thanks to a highly compact and low-profile design

Precise positioning

High signal quality and stability thanks to a new sensor design and three separate scanning fields

Technical data

Scanning head
Dimensions (Scanning module)16 mm x 8 mm x 2.2 mm
Mass2 g (w/o frame)
No. of scanning fields2 for incremental track + 1 for index
Scanning frequencyMax. 500 kHz
Interfaces1 Vpp
Signal interpolation factorDown to 64
Interpolation error±85 nm
ResolutionDown to 78.125 nm
Supply voltage5 V ±10%
Current consumption 50 mA (1 Vpp)
150 mA (TTL)
Type of connector15-pin D-sub
Cable lengths0.3 m
1 m
3 m
Cable diameter3.7 mm
Operating temperature0°C to +55°C
Measuring Standard
Scale Tape (Stainless steel)
Designation / typeMI Scale Tape
MaterialStainless steel
Grating period20 μm
Position index markin the middle
at 50 mm spacings
Accuracy±3 μm/m
±5 μm/m
Max. measuring length2,480 mm
Glass Scale
Designation / typeMI Glass Scale
Grating period20 μm
Position index markin the middle
at 50 mm spacings
Accuracy±1 μm/m
Max. measuring length90 mm

Applications Linear

  • Production and inspection machines for the semiconductor industry
  • Linear units, drives and coordinate tables
  • Measuring machines and measuring microscopes
  • Positioning and measuring devices for medical technology
  • Precision devices for reprography
  • Precision machining
  • Robotics
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