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APPLICATION:Collimator unit
PRODUCT:LIKselect (linear)
FEATURE:Very small installation space and flexibility in integration
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A collimator is used to generate light with an approximately parallel beam path. Collimators are therefore frequently used for imaging in astronomy as well as in medicine or for the adjustment and optimization of camera systems. In particular, the need for adjusting camera systems for vehicle assistants in the automotive industry is steadily increasing.

With the help of a high-resolution, optical linear measuring system such as the LIKselect from NUMERIK JENA, a vehicle assistance system can be precisely adjusted. The challenging aspect here is the constantly advancing miniaturization of the alignment units with very tight installation spaces for the measuring systems. Here, every millimeter is crucial and often customer-specific requirements are placed on the measuring systems, which are rarely found in suppliers' catalogs. NUMERIK JENA offers the optimal solution for this with the LIKselect. The design of this measuring system is modular and based on a building block principle. Thus, our customers can configure their measuring system for their purposes and requirements.

In the example of the adjustment unit for a vehicle assistance system, we were able to develop an optimal solution through intensive consultation and cooperation with the customer. Here, the strengths of the LIKselect came into their own. The possibility of outputting interpolated measuring signals directly from the scanning head and without additional interpolation electronics was an outstanding advantage in coping with the extremely limited installation space. In addition, the sensor module made of glass can be used as a base ready for operation and can be integrated into the customer's application. All electronic components are mounted directly on the sensor glass and the measurement signals are transmitted to the evaluation electronics via a flat flex cable, which is available in various lengths. The flex cable can be folded as required and can thus be routed through the smallest of feedthroughs. This allows the use of a standard component and avoids significant additional costs due to custom-made products. Furthermore, a glass measuring scale was used, which, with its relatively low coefficient of thermal expansion, enables stable and highly accurate measurement even with temperature fluctuations. The savings in installation space and component costs were enormous in this case and led this customer project to success.

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