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Our team

We are a multifaceted team

NUMERIK JENA employs experts from a wide range of fields and disciplines. This starts with manufacturing and production technicians with a diverse range of specialties and progresses to development engineers in the fields of mechanics and electronics, IT, economics, facilities engineering and many more.


The production area at our company comprises several departments. For example, we have our own mechanical production for precision parts, mounting and connection technology for our sensors and printed circuit boards, as well as assembly department in which our own manufactured components come together and undergo final inspection.

This area is by far the largest in the company and employs around 60% of our workforce.

Research & Development

Our research and development department is not only active in the new and further development of products, but also supports many other areas and departments within the company. This level of cooperation ensures our future viability and contributes to the creation of synergies.

This area is the second largest after our production area. In turn, this indicates that consistent progress plays a key role in our company.

Quality Management

Everyone in our company bears responsibility for the quality of our products and processes. The organizational unit responsible for this is our Quality Management. It ensures a structured and planned approach. Our objective is a continuous and holistic consideration, from requirements capture to requirements fulfillment.

Quality Management focuses on all products and processes as well as their organization, and takes into account both strategic and operational aspects. This creates ideal conditions for identifying key issues within a dynamic environment.

Marketing and Sales

Marketing and Sales are strongly interlinked at our company. We thus unfurl partly untapped potential between the two departments. Among other benefits, this helps us to better understand our customers and therefore to focus more strongly on their needs.



The topics of planning, coordination and control are particularly important to us in the company. As a result of constantly growing challenges in the market, the monitoring and optimization of internal processes is indispensable.

We achieve continuous development and improvement of our potential by constantly questioning and analyzing our actions, from which our customers benefit.

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The shipment of our products to customers ultimately involves one of the most essential steps in order processing. We attach great importance to the quality of our products and invest much effort to guarantee this. Ultimately, all this only serves its purpose if our products reach our customers cost-efficiently and in perfect condition.

We pack our products very carefully and always as volume and cost efficiently as possible. We place great value on the use of environmentally friendly and easily recyclable packaging materials.

Human Resources Management

Our employees and staff are the driving force behind our success. The management, development, planning and administration of our human resources are therefore very important to us. Our main goal in this regard is to strengthen and ensure employee satisfaction, as this is closely related to creativity and productivity in everyday work and life.

Selection, deployment and promotion are essential for forward-looking strategic planning. Simultaneously, the work-life balance of our workforce plays a key role and is the focus of our actions.

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Facility Management

The management and administration of our buildings, plant facilities and equipment is essential to our ability to operate. Facility Management forms the basis for this and, as a central organizational unit, ensures the handling of our secondary processes.

This not only ensures the stability of our processes, but also increases effectiveness as part of our ongoing striving for improvement.

Looking for a measuring system developed exactly to your requirements and specifications? Haven't been able to find a suitable solution anywhere?

We have specialized in developing individual solutions together with our customers for 25 years. A large number of our customers receive specially developed encoder solutions from us that make their products unique and set them apart from competitors.

Are you interested in such a solution, and do you have questions?

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Success Stories

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With the help of a high-resolution, optical linear measuring system such as the LIKselect from NUMERIK JENA, a vehicle assistance system can be precisely adjusted. The challenging aspect here is the constantly advancing miniaturization of the alignment units with very tight installation spaces for the measuring systems.

Here, every millimeter is crucial, and customer-specific requirements are often placed on the measuring systems, which are rarely found in suppliers' catalogs. NUMERIK JENA offers the optimal solution for this with the LIKselect.

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Semiconductor Technology

High-precision positioning of axes is the key to many achievements of modern technology. Particularly in industrial semiconductor production or in the fields of medicine, research and inspection of materials, positioning tasks are becoming increasingly important.

The challenges here are the constant miniaturization of assemblies, the highly accurate and reproducible measurement of translations, and the reliability of integrated systems.

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Automation Technology

In a customer-specific inspection system, components are measured for their quality and then sorted.  Special camera and microscope techniques are used to monitor the specifications of the components and ensure appropriate sorting. The positioning of the inspection technology is done by high-resolution measurement technology, which was individually adapted to the requirements of the inspection system and the available installation space.

The choice fell on the RIK 4 rotary optical measuring system from NUMERIK JENA, as this system was able to meet all the required characteristics.

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Medical Technology

MRIs generate very strong magnetic fields as well as alternating magnetic fields in the radio frequency range, with which certain atomic nuclei (mostly the hydrogen nuclei/protons) in the body are resonantly excited. Any ferromagnetic materials in the direct vicinity of the measuring range would negatively affect the measuring result.

Therefore, NUMERIK JENA has developed measuring systems with non-magnetic components especially for applications of this kind.

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Automotive Industry

When assembling body parts in automotive manufacturing, precise distances and angles must be maintained between the individual components to ensure correct alignment and fit. These processes require maximum precision and accuracy to ensure high quality of the end products.

For this purpose, angle measuring systems such as the Kit R4 from NUMERIK JENA are used in robot arms to ensure precise positioning of the body parts.

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Printing Industry

Referencing is an important step during the printing process where the print heads are set to a specific start position in the press. This is necessary in order to be able to print surfaces repeatedly and accurately. Absolute measuring encoders are often used for this purpose, as they can always provide precise position information at any point without having to perform an additional reference run.