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NUMERIC JENA draws from over 50 years of experience in the development, manufacture and sale of measuring systems. The roots of production metrology and its associated technology for the manufacture of precision scales go back to Carl Zeiss and Ernst Abbe.

In following this great tradition, the goal of all our activities is continuous innovation and the improvement of our products. We orient ourselves to the demands of the international market, to which we can react flexibly thanks to the modular character of our products.


Presentation of a new LIK product series with diversely improved features, launched with LIKgo


Entry into the world of absolute encoders, market launch of the LAK linear encoder
and Kit LA


Expansion of mechanical production to increase in-house manufacturing and improve quality standards


Completion of our own new company building, relocation to Im Semmicht 4, Jena Maua, and expansion of our manufacturing technologies


Continuous expansion of the distribution network with locations in 27 countries through affiliation with the HEIDENHAIN sales structure


Merger with OPTOLAB Microsystems GmbH, Erfurt, Germany


Relocation to the new Ilmstraße 4 site in Jena (Jena-Nord Business Park)


Extensive expansion of the distribution network with locations in 11 countries


Foundation of NUMERIK JENA GmbH and integration into the Dr. JOHANNES HEIDENHAIN GmbH group of companies


Introduction of a new generation of encoders based on the newly developed EPIFLEX miniature sensors and SINGLEFLEX / DOUBLEFLEX scale tapes. This in turn made it possible to manufacture extremely compact encoders with an absolute accuracy as fine as ±0.1 µm.


Concentration on rotary and linear encoders


The range of products was expanded continually. By the end of the 1980s, the following product groups were included in our product program: rotary encoders, angle encoders, exposed and sealed linear encoders, position display units, laser interferometers, stepper motors and ballscrews


Foundation of the NUMERIK division of the Carl Zeiss Jena company with the goal of development and production of positioning metrology devices intended for NC-controlled machine tools and automated measuring machines