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LIK Series

Incremental optical path encoder

Compact design, interpolated counting signals without additional electronics, individual design options and many other features

LIK go

Precise positioning
High signal quality and stability thanks to a new sensor design and three separate scanning fields
Save money
Standard components enable more cost-effective production and better system prices
Save time
Fast delivery due to stocked system components and improved manufacturing process
  • Very small and lightweight encoder head
  • 20 µm grating period and measuring steps up to 78.125 nm
  • New Two-field scanning technology with improved signal quality
  • No phase and offset errors
  • Less interpolation errors
  • Very low power consumption and heat development
  • Interpolated TTL signals from sensor head w/o additional electronics
  • Possibility of an electronic adjustment after mounting to reduce static mounting errors
  • Improved ADJUSTMENT TOOL connection

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LIK select

Save space
Considerable space savings for integration thanks to a highly compact and low-profile design
Make your ideas come true
High number of variants due to modular design and individually adaptable components
Precise positioning
High signal quality and stability thanks to a new sensor design and three separate scanning fields
  • Highly compact and configurable scanning unit
  • 20 μm grating period and measuring steps down to 78.125 nm
  • New Two-field scanning technology with improved signal quality
  • No phase and offset errors
  • Interfaces: 1 VPP , TTL, or RS-422
  • Very low power consumption and heat accumulation
  • Interpolated TTL signals from scanning module without additional electronics
  • Electronic adjustment capability after mounting to reduce static mounting errors, and an improved ADJUSTMENT TOOL connection
  • Signal adjustment possible with PWT 101 from HEIDENHAIN

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Success Stories LIK Series

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With the help of a high-resolution, optical linear measuring system such as the LIKselect from NUMERIK JENA, a vehicle assistance system can be precisely adjusted. The challenging aspect here is the constantly advancing miniaturization of the alignment units with very tight installation spaces for the measuring systems. Here, every millimeter is crucial, and customer-specific requirements are often placed on the measuring systems, which are rarely found in suppliers' catalogs.

NUMERIK JENA offers the optimal solution for this with the LIKselect.

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Medical Technology

When manufacturing prostheses and implants, specific anatomical shapes and high dimensional accuracy must be taken into account to ensure optimal fit and function for the patient. With the help of 3D printing technology, prostheses and implants can be manufactured quickly, individually and efficiently.

By using optical linear measurement systems such as the LIKgo from NUMERIK JENA, the required precision and accuracy can be easily achieved in 3D printing processes. Thus, manufacturers of prostheses and implants can ensure a higher quality of their products while reducing manufacturing costs.

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Semiconductor Technology

High-precision positioning of axes is the key to many achievements of modern technology. Particularly in industrial semiconductor production or in the fields of medicine, research and inspection of materials, positioning tasks are becoming increasingly important. The challenges here are the constant miniaturization of assemblies, the highly accurate and reproducible measurement of translations, and the reliability of the integrated systems.

Due to the very small size and modular design of the LIKselect optical linear measuring system from NUMERIK JENA, it is ideally suited for integration in very small, flat positioning tables.

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Automation Technology

In automation technology, specifications of components are monitored with the help of special camera and microscope techniques in order to perform a necessary evaluation or sorting of these. The positioning of the inspection technology is carried out by high-resolution measurement technology, which must be individually tailored to the requirements of the inspection system. 

The linear optical measuring system LIKgo from NUMERIK JENA is ideally equipped for these tasks due to its characteristics.

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