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A vocational perspective

The training of new specialists is a matter of high importance to us and, moreover, one of the most important investments in our future. To achieve this, we place high standards and quality demands on the teaching content. Our apprentices enjoy a special status and receive all-round support with targeted learning tasks.

Solid training with a technical focus not only guarantees excellent prospects in the future for our apprentices but also ensures our continued existence as a company. Outstandingly trained specialists form the basis for our success. Our endeavors are thus extraordinarily high in order to offer apprentices a future in our company even after they have completed their training.

Top: IHK honors best graduates

There was loud applause on November 11, 2022 for 26 young men and women who were honored by the IHK as top graduates. They have taken the best final exams in their profession among approximately 2,000 East Thuringian trainees from 1,300 companies. "They are among the very employees that companies are looking for," said IHK Vice President Udo Staps in his laudatory speech, and also thanked the training companies and vocational schools that closely accompanied them on their path to success.

Maik Heer, training manager at NUMERIK JENA, emphasized the need to train good skilled workers for the region and to keep them in the region. He added that good performance cannot be taken for granted, even with particularly high quality training. "Set yourself new goals, perhaps with a part-time degree as a specialist or master craftsman," Maik Heer appealed to the best in the year.

Paul Büchel, Thuringia's best machining mechanic, and Tobias Junghanns, the best production mechanic in Eastern Thuringia, also provided proof of NUMERIK's exemplary promotion of young talent. Tobias Junghanns decided to join the training company after an internship. "It was the right decision, both for the wide-ranging profession and for the company. I look forward every day to the challenges, including with new products, and working with my colleagues. In any case, I want to continue my education. Being accepted into the IHK's talent program is a great incentive," says Tobias Junghanns.

Source: Ostthüringer Wirtschaft / December issue 2022

Overview of your benefits at NUMERIK JENA

Modern equipment and facilities

We offer the best conditions for successful training. Whether it's machines, tools or software—you get the right tools for your job.

Attractive remuneration

At NUMERIK JENA, you not only receive performance-based remuneration based on the collective wage agreement of the metal and electrical industry in Thuringia, but also a variety of other benefits and offers.

Prospects of being taken on

Start safely into the future with NUMERIK JENA: we focus on consistency and think in the long term. As an apprentice, you therefore have the best chances of being taken on by us—for a seamless career start after the apprenticeship.

Flexible working hours

The flexitime framework at NUMERIK JENA gives you the freedom to flexibly organize your time. In combination with a 38-hour week (future 35-hour week)  and 30 days of annual leave, this helps you to harmonize your training and leisure time.

Advanced training

For you to gain further experience in addition to vocational school and the company, we send you to highly interesting courses that are beneficial to your training.

Food supply

In our cafeteria, you can choose from a varied daily menu with freshly prepared dishes at reasonable prices. We also provide a wide range of fresh fruit free of charge.

Sports program

The health and well-being of our employees is very important to us. To promote this, we offer numerous opportunities, such as in-house massage and fitness courses as well as subsidized membership with a company fitness provider.

Company parking lot

More than 200 parking spaces are available to our employees in our company-owned parking lots. There are also parking spaces for motorcyclists and cyclists. With short distances, we prevent stress when looking for a parking space.

Corporate events

Community is important to us. To bring us together outside of work, we organize events such as family days, spring events, barbecues, Christmas parties and trainee days at various intervals.

FAQ: the most frequently asked questions about apprenticeship professions


  • Operate and monitor production equipment
  • Maintain production equipment and perform service work
  • Perform in-process tests and quality controls
  • Optimize and document the production of micro-products
  • Plan and organize operating sequences
  • Secure and test cleanroom conditions


  • Completion of secondary school or high school diploma / advanced technical college certificate
  • Sense of responsibility and high ability to concentrate
  • Diligence and precision
  • Aptitude for scientific tasks and interest in technology
  • Ability to think in a structured manner
  • Mobility for the supra-regional teaching of training content

Production mechanics:

  • Produce assemblies
  • Assemble mechanical, electrical and electronic assemblies
  • Optimize assembly sequences
  • Operate, load and monitor equipment
  • Maintain production equipment
  • Perform process-related inspections
  • Perform quality and final inspections


  • Completion of secondary school or high school diploma / advanced technical college certificate
  • Interest in technology
  • Technical aptitude
  • Sense of responsibility
  • High capacity for concentration
  • Diligence and precision

Industrial clerks:

  • Advise customers, prepare quotations and invoices as sales staff
  • Carry out market analyses and create advertising campaigns for marketing
  • Check inventory, obtain quotes and inspect merchandise shipments in materials management and purchasing
  • Create invoices, post business transactions, perform annual financial statements and optimize costs in accounting
  • Determine human resource requirements, maintain human resource files and prepare employment contracts in human resources


  • Completion of secondary school or high school diploma / advanced technical college certificate
  • Very good logical thinking skills
  • High sense of responsibility
  • Communication skills and negotiation skills
  • Keen to work with numbers and data

IT specialist in the field of system integration:

  • Install, operate and manage IT systems
  • Set up networked systems
  • Assign authorization
  • Maintain servers
  • Provide user support
  • Advise and train employees
  • Administer communication systems


  • Intermediate school-leaving certificate or A-levels or technical college entrance qualification, preferably also with study experience
  • Interest in technical systems and computer science
  • Logical and analytical thinking
  • Basic technical and mathematical understanding
  • Sense of responsibility, diligence and accuracy


  • 3 years

Production mechanics:

  • 3 years

Industrial clerk

  • 3 years

IT specialist

  • 3 years

At NUMERIK JENA you will receive the following apprenticeship remuneration (as of 2023):

  • 1st Apprenticeship year: € 1,059
  • 2nd Apprenticeship year: € 1,120
  • 3rd Apprenticeship year: € 1,180

Other benefits:

  • A very high takeover rate after successful training
  • Collaboration in exciting projects
  • Flexible working hours
  • Team events
  • Nationwide fitness offersVacation allowance
  • Catering allowance
  • Retirement benefits

We try our best to offer apprentices a future in our company after they have completed their apprenticeship. The chances of being taken on are therefore very good.

Vacancies for apprenticeships

For the start of training on September 1, 2024, we are still looking for enthusiastic and motivated apprentices for the profession of microtechnologist

Our requirements

  • Precision, diligence and technical aptitude
  • Interest and understanding of technical processes
  • Ability to work in a team

Your profile

  • Completion of secondary school or high school diploma

Application deadline

  • July 31, 2024

We look forward to receiving your application!

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