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Medical Technology

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BRANCH:Medical Technology
APPLICATION: Motion Management Platform
PRODUCT:LIA 20 (linear)
FEATURE:Non-magnetic design of the measuring system for controlling the patient table in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
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Respiratory motion is the biggest challenge in MRI images of the abdomen. The movement of the internal organs of the abdomen as well as the abdominal wall lead to image artifacts such as blurring, aliasing and ghosting. These artifacts lead to decreased visibility of the disease image on MRI images and thus impair diagnostic performance.

For this reason, respiratory arrest images are routinely used in clinical practice to achieve motionless magnetic resonance imaging of the trunk. A study at the University of Lille in France will investigate solution strategies to reduce as well as compensate for motion during imaging in order to significantly improve diagnostic performance in the future. A motion platform designed in the study, which can reproducibly replicate the intrinsic motion of the abdominal organs in the MRI environment, opens up new possibilities for testing various diagnostic and therapeutic MRI strategies.

To implement the motion platform, a motorized linear table located in the opening of the MRI was required in addition to the drive electronics at the operator station. The motorized table was constructed from non-magnetic linear guides. To measure the translation and as part of the control system, the LIA 20 optical linear measurement system was used in a special non-magnetic version. MRIs generate very strong magnetic fields as well as alternating magnetic fields in the radio frequency range, with which certain atomic nuclei (mostly the hydrogen nuclei/protons) in the body are resonantly excited. Any ferromagnetic materials in the direct vicinity of the measuring range would negatively affect the measuring result. Therefore, NUMERIK JENA has developed measuring systems with non-magnetic components especially for applications of this kind. These enable high-precision measurements in the micro- and nanometer range, even in such demanding environmental conditions. For the development of a motion platform that can compensate for even the most minimal movements of the body during MRI, the requirements for the materials used were essential. With the specially developed non-magnetic version of the LIA 20, we were able to make an important contribution to the progress of the study as well as to the development of the motion platform.

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